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RDT Camera System

As the flagship of our Camera Systems, the RDT offers cutting edge technology to ensure the safety of your premises.

If clients choose our Rapid Deployment Tower camera systems they can expect...

  • Rapid deployment of Camera Systems to site
  • Mobility - Camera's are easily relocated as your site develops
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply - Provides upto 20 hours of battery based back up in the event of power failure
  • Monitored - Images are monitored by a fully accredited visual receiving station for the specific times the client needs
  • BS8418:2010 Accreditation - Ensures your site has a URN (Unique Reference Number) giving priority with Police Response

Should you choose Navwatch, Navigation will carry out a security risk analysis based entirely on your input which includes an assessment of how your needs will develop and change over time. All proposals you receive will include a plan of the site showing field-of-view of the camera's and areas of detection, all of which will be checked for validity when our company provides you with detection 'walk tests'.

Our RDT system can be with you within 5 working days of placing an order, and will be attended by a representative of Navigation Security Services should you have a concerns or questions about the system, it's placement and coverage.

The full brochure for our RDT Camera System can be downloaded here

For more information please contact us on 01443 477455

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Pushing into the Future - Partnering with OnGarde

'In an effort to keep our business relevant and modern, we have to concentrate on delivering a level of service that is not only technologically purposeful, but also dynamically grows our operations to fit with the changing environment of security'

The Directors of Navigation Security


When Navigation initally started providing CCTV for its clients, it was a fledgling idea that very much began as an effort to modernise our companys effectivety in providing a better and more complete service for it's clients, and it was not without hardship.

Being new to this area of the industry it was met with pitfalls and a lot of trial and error, but all experiences that allowed the company to identify the right ways to operate and improve, driving our ongoing commitment to the service provided.

2 years on, and this area of our business is stronger than ever. From providing on site CCTV to all of our major clients which gives them a cost-effective solution without the need for a manned guarding solution, to improving on the technology of our systems and the equipment itself to give our clients the greatest peace of mind.

With our 24 hour monitoring centre, our operatives can identify intruders immediately and dispatch one of our well equipped response teams to the site to ensure protection of our clients property and assets, leaving them with the confidence that they can leave their sites effectively protected from intrusion and theft.


Most recently, we have partnered with the prestigious OnGarde CCTV, to further establish and improve our CCTV services. Working in partnership with OnGarde, we hope to have a mutual and beneficial expierience that will allow us to grow and remain effective in providing our clients with number one service they expect.

Press Release for Partnership

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